The Tea Factory introduced itself in 2013, in food and beverage industry. The tea factory started as a tea cafe and in few years became the fastest growing tea cafe franchise in India. We have 50+ outlets in 14 states in India. We have multiple options for tea menu and provide best products to clientele. We are recognized for our Low investment to High-Returned business model. Our growth is the result of steady investment by the management team in terms of time and resources. We learn and adopt unique techniques for growing up and prepare for tea café room. We welcome for the people who wants to grow with us.

Our Products

We have the best refreshing sip in variety of tea for “Tea lovers in India” and We reward them with the best QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) at each place.

Our Value

  • T: Transparency “we are transparent in our business policies, innovations.”
  • E: Ethically “we drive the business ethically”
  • A: Accountability “we are accountable to serve the best products to our clientele.”


“To deal with clientele by TEA, offer the best products through our franchise and innovate constantly in products and services.”


“To build the high returned business model and grow with the distinctive techniques by provide the value to our clientele.”


Team Building: Build the polestar at multiple places and add them in team and grow with the dedicated manpower.

Conducting Research: Analysis the market continuously and conduct the research or collect the feedback of people who are going to be the part of our business.

Constant Improvement: Identify the clientele indication and improve the services routinely and made the people attractive through providing them excellent food packages.